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Who is Stevie D


Stevie D is a native of Brownsville, TX.  Although he was born in Fresno, CA, he and his parents moved to Brownsville when Stevie was about 3 yrs old.  He attended Perez Elementary, Cummings Jr High and Hanna High School. 

Stevie is a Dessert Storm Veteran serving his time defending our Country in the United States Navy. He was honorably discharged in June of 1991.




Stevie D

by Me Crei De Ti

Introducing a long awaited new voice, an old school sound with a fresh progressive twist! Stevie D is taking the Tejano Industry back! Back to where it belongs, and that's in the hearts and smiles of the fans and on the radio waves! This NEW HIT SINGLE Has taken the Industry by STORM!

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“The voice that has come to revive Tejano music”
— Mando San Roman [Radio Personality]
“A smooth Tejano Groove with Class”
— Chente Barrera [Grammy Award Winner | Vocalist/Drummer/Percussionist]
“La Nueva Frescura de la música Tejana”
— David Barrientos [Grupo Escalofrío]
“A Fresh Scent of Music.... Stevie D is turning heads”
“Stevie D is positioning himself to be a force in the industry.”
— Nasdaq News
“Stevie D brings a lot to the Tejano Industry. I can already see it, Stevie D is changing the industry and he is going places!!!”
— Frankie Caballero [Master Accordionist]
“promising, charisma, plus great vocals surrounded by beautiful and elegant music. Which will without a doubt take our Tejano Music Industry to the next level”
— Brando Mireles [Master Composer/Musician/Producer]
“Stevie D has brought NEW LIFE into the Tejano Industry, Stevie D ‘s PASSION for music is felt in every song he sings....”
— Bonnie Hernandez [Radio Personality]
“Stevie D is one of the BEST Chicano/Tejano Solo artists to hit our industry in quite some time! A vocalist with the sound that demands your attention wanting more. Stevie D us Genuinely AMAZING”
— DJ Firmelon [Eddie Olivo]
“Stevie D put on a phenomenal performance and had everyone dancing the entire time. His professionalism was incomparable because even when the promoters failed to come through, Stevie D sacrificed time and money to still put on a show for the fans. We cannot thank you enough Stevie D”
— Baila Night Club [Fort Worth, Texas]
“Once in a while in the music industry a new star is born, and in our Tejano Music our new shining star is Steve Dominguez (Stevie D).
Stevie D is reviving our beloved Tejano Music with his remarkable fresh voice
full of emotion and passion.
Complemented by his superb band, Stevie D is a star that will continue to shine BRIGHTER AND BRIGHTER!”
— Balde Muñoz [Master Percussionist]
“I sat there and could not take my eyes off that stage! The band is incredible. Stevie D is one of a kind! His energy is incredible, and he is a star. I am now a SUPER FAN of Stevie D.”
— Yoli Romo [Radio Personality]

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